Anaesthesia services are provided to four Cardiac theatres and four Neuro theatres with daily workload of 4-6 cardiac surgeries, 8-10 neuro surgeries. Anaesthesia services are also offered to Radiology , Neuro Cathlab, Cardiac Cathlab units.

Intensive care services round the clock are offered to two Neuro Icu , one Ctvs Icu , CCU & Casuality.


DNB , fellowship in Cardiac Anaestheisa , Critical care Medicene, B.Sc. Anaesthesia technology.


Thesis and dissertation work are bing carried by DNB Resident and fellows (under ageis of RGHUS) under the guidance of the faculty.


A)American Heart Association certified BLS & ACLS courses are being conducted every month

Regular clinical teaching sessions are being conducted to DNB Residents, fellows, B.Sc Anaestheisa Technology , B.Sc.Nursing & Allied Health Sciences.

SANCON, Cardiac Anaesthesia Update and Critical Care Medicine Update are being conducted by Anesthesiology every year.


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